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Mandatory Gear


In order to ensure their safety, each participant must carry with them all the items listed in the mandatory equipment checklist and must carry all the equipment with them during the race even though it might not be necessary to use it.

Organized and/or random equipment checks will be carried out before and during the race. A penalty up to and including disqualification will be applied to runners who do not have all the mandatory equipment with them (see PENALTIES).

Please note: the items included in the mandatory equipment checklist are the basic pieces of equipment each runner must carry with them. It is important not to choose the lightest possible clothing. Instead, runners should pack clothing that provides adequate protection in the mountains/course terrain against bad weather conditions, including cold, wind, heavy rainfall and snow.

All clothing items must fit the runner - in terms of size - and they must not be altered in any way.

The mandatory gear must be carried in a running pack for the duration of the whole race. The running pack or belt is tagged during race-pack collection and must not be changed during the race.

In order to reduce plastic waste, no disposable dishes (cutlery, cups, bowls) will be distributed at any check point or aid station. We invite you to Bring Your Own Utensils (BYOU) if you wish to eat hot meals at the aid stations.

If runners choose to take hiking poles with them, they must carry them for the entire duration of the race. It is forbidden to start without poles and get them during the race.

No poles are authorized in the spare bags.